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Annual Gift Campaign

Please Donate to our Annual Holiday Appeal.

This holiday season, give the gift of exceptional care at home...

For 116 years, VNS Westchester has provided exceptional care to generations of families recovering from illness or injury, or managing their chronic health conditions in the comfort of their homes. As we launch our Annual Holiday Appeal, we hope you will renew your donation or make a first-time gift to help us keep more than 10,000 people healthy at home in 2018.

At VNSW, exceptional care means treating the whole person -- not just the person's condition. It means providing services to patients when needs arise, including weekends and holidays. It means providing a high level of personalized care from a highly skilled, dedicated team.

For patient Mary Ann Schaefer it meant having a team that sprang into action when a medical crisis arose at home: 

"I'm so grateful to your nurses, therapists and home health aides for putting me back together again following my surgery. Their kindness, caring, support and encouragement was instrumental in my recovery at home. Claudia Weiner, your Wound Care Specialist, in particular, was a lifesaver. She responded immediately and stabilized my condition. She gave me the confidence I needed to cope. She even connected me to a community support group to help keep me going."

With our help and support, Mary Ann Schaefer is able to manage her chronic condition and live safely and independently at home. With your help and support, we can continue to bring exceptional care at home to thousands of patients like Mary Ann.

Today, with shorter hospital stays and the growing aging population, more and more care is being provided at home, resulting in greater demand for our services. Yet, as the need for our services grows, our not-for-profit agency is being challenged to do more with less in light of severe government cutbacks in reimbursements for our services.

To meet this challenge, your support is needed now more than ever to continue providing the high quality, personalized care that people in our community need and deserve.

How Your Donation Will Help in the Year Ahead: 

In addition to helping us sustain our core services, your tax-deductible donation to our Annual Holiday Appeal will make possible enhanced and expanded services that are not supported by any other means, including:  

  • Charitable Care for vulnerable people who are uninsured or underinsured
  • Telehealth Services to remotely monitor the vial signs of at-risk patients
  • "VNSW Care Calls," a patient outreach program to enhance communications and foster early health interventions
  • Free Community Health Programs for disease prevention and healthy living, including blood pressure screenings for patients and their families

As the season of giving gets under way, the gift of exceptional care at home is a gift well worth giving.

Your donation at any level will help us continue to make a big difference in serving the growing healthcare needs of thousands of grateful individuals and families in Westchester, the Bronx, Dutchess, Putnam and Rockland.  Thank you for your generous donation!