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Our Team


President & CEO
Timothy P. Leddy, BBA, MBA, MS

Chief Financial Officer
Christopher Cardone, BBA

Administrator of the Certified Agency
Diane Law, BS,RN,CCM

Director of Business Development & Community Relations
Regina Melly, BS, MS

Human Resources Manager
Stacy Burns

Communications Consultant  
Chereese Jervis-Hill 

VNSW at Home Administrator
John Byrne, RN, BSN

Admissions Manager 
Jane Kramer, LMSW

Westchester Visiting Nurse
Services Group, Inc.
Board of Directors 2023-2024

VNSW Foundation, Inc.
Board of Directors 2023-2024


James R. Martell, Board Chairperson
Jesse Rosenblatt, Vice Chairperson
Andrea McKay-Harris, Secretary
Christopher Stanley, Treasurer


 Dr. Amy Ansehl, Chairperson

Michael J. Amoruso
Jessica Ansehl Steinberg 
Richard J. Davidian 
Richard D. Fenton
Arlene F. Rosen 
Leroy Francis 
Karen Herrero 
Bupendra Shah

Leroy Francis 
James R. Martell 
Andrea McKay-Harris 
Arlene F. Rosen 
Jesse Rosenblatt