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VNS Westchester Celebrates 120 Years of Keeping Your Loved Ones Safe

January, 31st 2022 in Industry News & Commentary

As VNS Westchester celebrates its 120 year milestone of providing exceptional at-home care for our patients, we reflect on how far it’s come and evolved throughout the years. While our mission of providing services from our staff of well trained nurses to ensure the best outcome for you and your family members has always been our goal, the way it may have looked 120 years ago differs. Back in 1901 when VNS Westchester was first founded, our personalized approach to patient care of at-home medical visits required a nurse to come to your house with a bag filled with several medical tools such as tongue compressors, bandages, forceps, solutions, and more.

Although nurse bags filled with all their essentials served its purpose for nurses making house calls back then, as time evolved so did our approach to patient care. Today in the era of telehealth monitoring we continue to strive to make our patients as comfortable as possible without them leaving the comfort of their home, and now our nurses don’t have to leave the comfort of their offices, by providing health services from a distance.

With Telehealth monitoring our nurses can care for you virtually with just a dial of number or press of a button. VNS Westchester’s nurses assist you in real time by offering remote patient monitoring and live video calls in which our patients' questions can be answered and medical information can be transferred without there having to be any physical contact. Now, more than ever in the age of COVID-19, telehealth monitoring has become vital in healthcare. Whether 120 years ago or today, VNS Westchester’s will continue to deliver an unparalleled standard of excellence in at-home healthcare.

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