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News & Events

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Newsletters/Annual Reports

December, 7th 2023 in Newsletters/Annual Reports

Our 2022 Annual Report is out!

September, 28th 2022 in Newsletters/Annual Reports

Our 2021 Annual Report is out! 

December, 1st 2021 in Newsletters/Annual Reports

Our 2021 Fall Newsletter is out! Click here to download our newsletter for the latest news at VNS Westchester! 

July, 13th 2021 in Newsletters/Annual Reports

Our 2020 Annual Report is out! Click here to view or download our report as we highlight the 2020 year of being on the frontlines. 

September, 24th 2020 in Newsletters/Annual Reports

Check out our Fall 2020 Newsletter for the latest news and events at VNSW and VNSW at Home (formerly Westchester Care at Home)!

July, 14th 2020 in Newsletters/Annual Reports


VNSW's 2019 Annual Report highlights VNSW and Westchester Care at Home programs and activities over the past year. Learn more about new ways we are advancing patient care and engaging with our community to bring the best care home.

October, 24th 2019 in Newsletters/Annual Reports

View or download our Fall 2019 newsletter to learn about the latest happenings at VNS Westchester and Westchester Care at Home: new programs, Board members, community activities, staff accolades, and more.

July, 31st 2019 in Newsletters/Annual Reports

VNSW's 2018 Annual Report includes a wealth of information about VNSW and our sister agency, Westchester Care at Home, including the latest news, activities, advances in patient care and facts and figures abour our agencies.

September, 21st 2018 in Newsletters/Annual Reports

Download our Fall 2018 newsletter to check out the most recent news, stories and photos about VNS Westchester and Westchester Care at Home.

July, 25th 2018 in Newsletters/Annual Reports

Our 2017 annual report features agency highlights of the past year. Find facts about our agency, our patients, staff and healthcare partners; learn more about innovative programs that are helping to keep our patients healthy at home; read about our wide range of free community programs and donations to our VNSW Foundation, and more.